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  • Read the Athlete section of the Webelos Scout Book with the boys. 
  • Helpthem set up a regular schedule of exercising with a chart for keeping a record of improvement.
  • Make physical fitness equipment. A barbell can be made with a 3 foot dowel or broomstick with 3/4 inch pipe on the ends. embedded in 46 oz cans filled with cement. Or, see the barbells illustrated on the following page. A bicycle inner tube is good for stretching exercises to build leg, arm, back end chest muscles.
  • Practice pull-ups and push-ups.
  • Practice 600 yard run (walk).
  • Plan a short physical fitness demonstration for pack meetings. For example: show proper techniques for doing front roll, back roll, pushups, sit-ups, etc.
    Practice light, loosening up exercise to be done before strenuous exercises.
  • Make a chinning bar by suspending a broomstick from an exposed beam in the basement or garage with rope. Make sure there is head clearance.
    Plastic bleach bottles (1/2 gal. to 1 gal. size) filled with sand, make good barbells used to develop arm and shoulder muscles.


Avoid the dangers of summertime temperatures and humidity by following these tips. They will reduce your chances of suffering heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

  • Rest frequently between exercises. Take at least two minutes rest between running exercises more  if you need it. It's important to work hard at exercises. but don't forget to rest your body so it can recuperate from its loss of energy and liquids.
  • Drink small amounts of water to replenish the liquids lost in perspiration. Drink water supplanted with salt and glucose.
  • Try to schedule your workout in the morning or early evening to avoid the summer heat as much as possible.
  • Wear white clothing (to reflect heat) that is loose and comfortable.
  • Persuade a buddy to work out with you. Encourage each other to work hard and keep going what you feel like quitting.




 Sit in a heavy chair with arms you can grasp. Bring both legs straight up. Straighten your arms to lift you off the seat. Try to hold this position for two seconds. Take a rest between lifts.


Use five-foot heavy-duty sash cord. For handles, drill one inch holes in ends of six-inch-long broom- stick piece. Insert rope ends and secure with screws through broomsticks




Hold hands out from your sides. Pedal with your kicking foot as though pedaling a bicycle. Ten times without losing your balance is a good start When you can pedal 50 times, you are well balanced.


Fill plastic bleach containers with sand.  Put the cap on.



These exercises would be good warm-up before your meeting begins, an ice breaker during the meeting, or as closing. Perform these exercises within the designated time limits. Rest two minutes between each set of exercises.

  • SET 1: 8 Minutes
    Fish Flops: Lie flat on your stomach, arms and legs extended and off the ground. Rock back and forth. (2 minutes).
    Grass Drill: Run in place, drop to the ground and bounce up again. (2 minutes).
    Quick Foot Knee Touch: Drop quickly to one knee and bounce up again. Alternate knees. (2 minutes).
    Rock Drill: You need a partner for this one. Square off on all fours, locking right shoulder to right shoulder. Try to rock your opponent back off his feet. (2 minutes).
  • SET 2: 6 Minutes
    Crab Mirror: Two players on all fours. One moves at random to the left, right. back, or forward. The other mirrors (or copies) his moves. Switch leaders and repeat. (2 minutes).
    Bear Hug takedown: Two players, one standing behind the other. Player in rear grasps other player around arms and chest and tries to pull him down. Reverse positions and repeat. (3 minutes).
    Sit-ups: Lie on back, feet together, hands clasped behind head. Raise up and touch elbows to knees. Do as many as possible. (1 minute)


  • FINGERS:     Extend arms to the side, palms down. Quickly flex fingers by alternating between fist and open hand position. (30 seconds)
  • PALMS:       Extend arms to the front, palms down, wrists locked. Turn palms inward and outward in quick, short movements. (30 seconds)
  • WRISTS:      Same position as palms (above). Rotate wrists clockwise, then counterclockwise. (30 seconds)
  • FOREARM TWIST:        Arms extended sideward and parallel to the ground. Flex at elbow bringing tips of fingers to shoulders, Return to starting position. Perform both palms up and palms down. (1 minute)
  • SHOULDER STRETCHES:     Three part exercise, (a) rotate one arm over your head and down slowly. Repeat with other arm. (b) Shrug your shoulders slowly in complete circle starting the movement by moving up and back. (c) Lock your hands behind your head and pull back slowly from shoulders. (2 minutes)