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2004 Cub Scout Pack 21 - Pinewood Derby
Official Weigh-In and Inspection


  Thursday January 15th 7:00 PM at the United Methodist Church.

  Please bring a shoebox with cloth padding to store car in.

  Once Car has passed inspection it will be numbered, placed into the shoe box and kept by the Pit Crew Inspection Team.

  All cars will be placed on the official table prior to the race on Saturday January 17th.

  Races to commence at 12:00 PM.

  Race to be held in the Gym at St. James School.

  Punch will be served, please have boys eat before race.

  Boys will need to be in Uniform for race.




Pinewood Derby Race Rules

Cub Scout Pack 21 – Grand Prix Committee - 2004

Specific Inspection Rules for Official Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Kit





The Pinewood Derby is one of the most popular and successful special events in Cub Scouting. Like all successful activities, it requires planning and preparation, but its value in fun and in strengthening family relationships has been proven over the years.  

Pinewood Derby cars are simply small model cars of specified dimensions, created, carved, and assembled by the boys, under guidance of their parents or other family members. The cars are gravity powered and run down a regulation track. The race can be run indoors or outdoors.


A. THE WHEEL AXLE (plated nail)

  1. Axles of Pinewood Derby model car kit MUST BE USED.

  2. If desired, any burr or seam on any surface of axles may be lightly skimmed off with a fine abrasive.

  3. Diameter of axle must be maintained.

  4. Do not build up axles with any material and then turn down with lathe.

  5. Do not add bearings, washers, bushings, tubes or spacers to axles.

  6. Lubricate with a powdered lubricant. No oil or liquid spray is permitted. Oil may soften the plastic.

  7. A drilled hole may be used in place of groove.

  8. A change of wheel base centers is acceptable.



  1. Wheels of Pinewood Derby-model car kits MUST BE USED.

  2. If desired, the burr and seam on contact surface of wheels may be lightly skimmed off with any tool or material available.

  3. If burr and scam are removed from contact surface of wheels, then the surface must be flat and square to side of wheels. In either case, width and thickness of contact surface to be maintained.

  4. No holes can be drilled through wheels to remove material and no material can be removed from inside of wheels, except burrs.

  5. No weight can be added to wheels.

  6. Wheels are designed to be and will be wobbly on axles.

  7. Hubcaps are not permitted.

  8. The wheels may not be rounded or have a "V" shaped surface.


Because of variance in scales used in different Cub Pack Pinewood Derbies, a tolerance of plus one gram will be acceptable.  For the District Derby, the reading of the scales used at registration will be deemed accurate.  Make sure that weight is firmly attached to the car. Note, 5 oz. = 0.31 lb. = 141.75 grams.



  1. Dimensions of car must fit within gage at registration.  No modifications of any kind are permitted after registration.

  2. Attached accessories are acceptable if they are secure and stay within maximum dimensions of car.

  3. Pre-cut designs, show wheels and axles are not allowed. Other accessories are acceptable. Refer to the Cub Scout Grand Prix, Pinewood Derby Guidebook* as a guide in building your Pinewood Derby car.

    Note: many tips are not allowed by the above rules ... all tips can be used in modified (non official district) competition though.

  4. Don't forget to check groove square ness to end of block for proper alignment. Also check length of block for regulation length, and minimum width of chassis.

  5. Don't forget to maintain clearance of 3/8" from bottom of car to track surface.

  6. Officials have the right to disqualify a car at anytime, if it has violated Derby rules.

  7. Each year a new car is to be built to enter.

  8. If the car jumps lanes, will run the heat over the first time only, unless contact was made with another car.

  9. All other rules and specifications are found in your Pinewood Derby car kits.


The above rules must be adhered to in order to make the Derby fair and competitive for a mixed age group of boys who are limited in the use of power tools and have varied assistance from parents.

Good luck and happy racing….