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Cub Scout Pack 21 Parents Information Page
Sponsored by the United Methodist Church

Gouverneur, NY 13642


Welcome to Cub Scout Pack 21!! This page has been put together to help answer any questions you may have and help you understand how our Pack functions. The Pack adheres to the policies and procedures of the Boy Scouts of America. We encourage the active participation of parents and guardians to help you and your boy get the most out of the “Scouting Experience”.



Gouverneur United Methodist Church sponsors Cub Scout Pack 21, as well as Boy Scout Troop 21. The Pack was chartered in 1946. The program is available to all boys, from 1st through 5th Grades. The Pack currently has approximately 25 youth members and the Troop 25 youth members.


Boys are able to start Cubbing the fall starting in 1st grade in the Tiger Cub Program, which runs though the first grade school year. This program centers on family based activities to slowly introduce the boys and parents to Scouting. A variety of activities are planned as the boy’s progress through Wolf (2nd Grade), Bear (3rd Grade) and Webelos ranks (Grades 4 and 5). A Den Leader guides the boys through the requirements of each rank.


Pack Committee

The Pack Committee consists of all the Den Leaders, the Cubmaster, Secretary, Treasurer and other interested adult volunteers. The Committee members coordinate advancements, Blue & Gold Banquet, Pinewood Derby, and other activities. Any parent is invited to attend Pack Committee meetings, which are generally held the second Tuesday of the month to follow the Northern Lights District Roundtable. Other “subcommittees” of the Pack Committee include Halloween Party, Popcorn Fundraiser, Pinewood Derby, Blue and Gold Banquet, and Day Camp and Cub and Webelos Adventure Weekend Camp. Volunteers are always welcome!


Youth Protection

Yearly, each parent is asked to read and sign “How to Protect Your Child From Child Abuse” in the front of the Cub Scout Book. It is vital to the safety of our boys that this subject is addressed. We also offer the Boy Scouts “Youth Protection Program.”


Who is Akela?

YOU ARE AKELA!!! Rudyard Kipling bases the beginning of the Cub Scout program on the story of the Jungle Book. By signing that you (or a close friend or family member) will be Akela, that person is making a choice to assist your Scout in activities and tasks that will lead to his advancement. Akela will sign off achievements that have been completed, and then the Cub's book in turned in to your Den Leader to record the individual Scout Record for the boy to earn advancements toward his rank.

Financial Guidelines

In order to defray the costs of the Pack activities, Scouts are encouraged to participate in fund raising activities, the Pack Committee will decide the type of fundraiser and how many will be held each year. The dens collect weekly dues to pay for supplies used in den crafts and activities. The monies raised by the Pack are used to cover Pack expenses. This includes advancement awards, books, re-registration, and pack and district events, as determined by the Pack Committee. All checks need to be made to Cub Scout Pack 21. Please note the Scouts name and function for which you are paying in the memo section of the check (i.e.- Webelos camp, popcorn sales, etc.). All donations are tax deductible.


Pack Dues

Pack 21 dues cover the cost of awards, Pack activities, Cub Scout registration and its liability insurance, Pack 21 hat, and corresponding book. Pack 21 annual dues are $25.


Den Meetings

Den meetings are held at the discretion of the Den Leaders, but average weekly or every other week. Attendance is expected. Parents are strongly encouraged to join in. BSA does not stand for Baby Sitters of America. Activities related to a specific achievement are usually offered only once at a meeting, and if it is missed, it is the parent's responsibility to assist in making up that offering.


Pack Meetings

Pack meetings are held once each month. At the Pack Meetings, the boys are recognized for their activities and receive their awards. We have special speakers or activities of interest to boys and all are welcome to attend. This is a special time for the boys, as they are recognized in front of the whole Pack for a job well done. It is strongly encouraged that all parents attend the Pack Meetings. Pinewood Derby is held in January, and the Blue & Gold Banquet is held in February, and they each take the place of a regular Pack Meeting. See the Pack Calendar for a list of all the Pack activity dates.


Patches and Badges

A placard for the correct placement of patches can be found on every shirt purchased, or in the front of every Cub Scout book. Uniforms and supplies are available at Max’s Outfitters, 162 Court Street, Watertown, NY 315/782-2262 or Hiawatha Seaway Council, 113 Twin Oaks Drive, Syracuse, NY 13206 315/463-0201. There is an extensive listing of uniform and insignia guidelines in the pamphlet “Boy Scouts of America Insignia Guide”. Please feel free to check with your Den Leader for correct placement of awards and insignia.

Class A Uniform
“Class A” uniforms are required at all formal Pack activities, including monthly Pack meetings. Tiger Cubs wear the orange Tiger Cub T-shirt. Wolves and Bears wear the blue Cub Scout shirt with a golden scarf for Wolves and a blue scarf for Bears. Clean blue jeans, or blue jean shorts are acceptable. Webelos scouts can wear either the navy blue, or they can wear the more familiar olive shirt and clean blue jeans, or blue jean shorts, with the Webelos plaid scarf. Appropriate footwear is expected. A Cub Scout uniform builds pride!!

Class B Uniform 
For certain informal activities, a “Class B” uniform is acceptable. This type of uniform is either a Pack or scout T-shirt or sweatshirt. Your leader will inform you of which uniform is to be worn, but generally, this type of uniform is reserved for casual activities and scout camp.

All parents are encouraged to register with the Pack. This nominal fee covers the cost of insurance through the Boy Scouts of America while you are participating in any scout function.

Youth Protection

The Pack will offer the Boy Scouts of America program for Youth Protection periodically. This class is also offered through various training programs of the Northern Lights District. After completing this 1-1 ˝ hour course, you will receive a “green card” certifying that you have completed this class. Pack 21 requires the BSA policy for “two deep leadership” in which at least 2 leaders with this training are at all functions for the safety of our boys. Please try to get trained if at all possible.


If you should ever have any questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to contact your leader or any of the Pack leadership. Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome. All Committee meetings and Den meetings are open for you to join in!!! Once again, we welcome you to our Pack!

The Law of the Pack

The Cub Scout follows Akela

The Cub Scout helps the pack go.

The Pack helps the Cub Scout grow.

The Cub Scout gives goodwill.


For more information, please contact:
Terry J. Jacobs, Cubmaster
Phone: 315/287-1517.

Send snail-mail to:
Terry Jacobs
4560 State Highway 58
Gouverneur, NY 13642-0033